The current body of work documents Hannan’s investigation into popular cultural icons of the past; exploring their role of facilitating and informing the creation of diverse personal visual archives and initiating creativity, often involving the figure, in the shape of personal symbols, Greek mythology and archetypes.  Research amongst these bodies of cultural production reveals new insights and knowledge into the development of new art works through rhizomatic connections and cross-pollination of ideas.

Hannan researched the life, biography and creative legacy of silent screen legend, Rudolph Valentino.  The resulting body of work, both in painting, printmaking, video and website, transmits an encounter with the remaining traces of living consciousness – an interpretation of Valentino that can transcend time and create connections between individuals past and present, enriching engagement with our history and popular cultural heritage.  The resulting research material and work can also be seen at postcardsfromasaint.org and YouTube Channel ‘OurRudy’.

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Lizzy Hannan

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